Creative studio since 2015. We Draw Innovation, We Design Happiness, We Guide Intellectual Property, We Collaborate With Designers, And We Produce Locally “Innovate And Create Your Dream”

who are we

who are we

Create and create your dream is our motto in every creative project life cycle, Product Care Studio was established in 2015 AD in the Riyadh region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And specializes in product design in several sectors, including:

Personal tools and lifestyle.

- Housewares.


- electronics.

- the games.

Promotional gifts.


Our goal

To be a unique destination for innovators, artists / designers as well as companies and government agencies to help them implement their ideas and vision through several stages:


-the design.

Prototype and locally advanced manufacturing.

rate us

Team work, not individual work, by helping everyone working in the creative and marketing sectors discover that they can work and implement many creative ideas.

our achievements

- 2020AD

Honorable mention in the Paris Design Competition for Planola, a product of the Product Care studio.

- 2019AD

Signing a memorandum of understanding for the Kamen Program of the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology to raise the manufacturing capabilities of small and medium enterprises.

- 2017AD

Registration of product designs for Product Care with the Saudi Patent Center in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (currently the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property)

- 2015AD

2nd place in the competition to design new accessories for the GO Pro product.